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K.K. Kyodo News, a member of the Kyodo News group, is an information service company.

K.K. Kyodo News is an information service company engaged in a broad scope of businesses, including publication, photo sales, assistance for corporate publicity activities and the supply of international information as well as the hosting of lecture meetings/exhibitions.

Publication Center: The center publishes books and magazines, including “Reporter’s Handbook” compiled by Kyodo News, K.K. Kyodo’s parent company and Japan’s leading news agency; it is used as a guidebook for writing. Other publications include “Kyodo’s News Schedule,” which covers major annual domestic and overseas events, and “World Yearbook” that wraps up world affairs and country-by-country information. The center also publishes popular magazines such as “TVfan,” a monthly TV program guide; “Want to Know More! Korean TV Dramas” that sparked a Korean pop culture boom in Japan; and audio-related magazines such as the quarterly “AUDIO BASIC” persistently popular among audio enthusiasts. The center is also acting as a secretariat for an association of publication departments of Kyodo’s member newspapers.

Photo Center: The center sells news photos to publication companies and other users through the “Treasure” digital archive that contains an enormous volume of photos accessible via the Internet. The center also helps department stores and other commercial facilities hold photo exhibitions timed with major sports events such as the Olympics, soccer’s World Cup and the World Baseball Classics.

Planning & Marketing Division: The division plans and promotes publicity for businesses, central/local governments and organizations. As part of that, it manages forums and symposiums at various locations. Other undertakings include the supply of information on the entertainment industry such as show business to the operators of web and mobile sites as well as smartphone apps.

International Information Services Center: The center mainly provides professional, specialized information not carried by ordinary newspapers. Main customers include government offices, businesses, universities and media organizations. The center publishes daily newsletters such as “Overseas Editorial Bulletin” that summarizes editorial and opinion pieces carried by major newspapers around the world as well as regional information services (“Russia/Eastern Europe File,” “China Watch” and “Korea File”) and specialist information services for selected industries such as medical, legal, fisheries, energy and meat plus defense and terrorism information. It also offers information on various global risk-related developments gathered from foreign wire services. In addition, the center undertakes compilation of English journals/newsletters/brochures and translation from Japanese to English and vice versa. Please contact the center if you need any advice or have any request for collection of information abroad.

Japan Business News Center (JBN): In cooperation with Kyodo News PR Wire (PRW), a Kyodo News group company, JBN assists businesses and organizations in public relations activities by distributing press releases in and outside Japan. In the Asia-Pacific region, releases are distributed through the AsiaNet consortium comprising leading regional news agencies such as Australian Associated Press, Xinhua News Agency (China), Yonhap News Agency (South Korea) and Press Trust of India as well as Kyodo News. For other parts of the world, including the United States and Europe, releases are channeled through global information distributors such as PR Newswire. JBN thus offers a one-stop solution for businesses seeking to distribute information worldwide, a service useful in particular to those without bases abroad. JBN also translates releases from foreign firms into Japanese for distribution to domestic media and portals through PRW.

Information Business Division: The division hosts a monthly session of the “Kisaragi Society” featuring political, business, academic and other leaders as guest speakers, and organizes a monthly meeting of the “Study Group on Current Topics” in which senior Kyodo journalists offer in-depth analyses on an off-the-record basis. It also selects a lecturer for each meeting of the “Politico-Economic Forum” hosted by Kyodo’s member newspapers in turns. Other undertakings include the publication of newsletters such as “Kyodo Weekly” limited to subscribing readers.

Sports & Cultural Business Division: The division offers assistance for publicity to organizations sponsoring horse, bicycle, motorboat and motorcycle races. It also organizes various sports events such as prefectural amateur golf championships and national baseball championships for elementary schoolchildren. In soccer, it supports public relations activities of the professional J.League and its farm, the Japan Football League (JFL). The division organizes soccer national competition for the Emperor’s Cup, with the final game played at the National Stadium on New Year’s Day.


Overview of K.K. Kyodo News

K.K. Kyodo News is an information service company engaged in a broad scope of businesses, including publication, photo sales and the hosting of lecture meetings/exhibitions.

Company name   K.K. Kyodo News
Established      August 1, 1972
Capital         300 million yen
Website        http://www.kyodo.co.jp/
Head office      Shiodome Media Tower, 1-7-1 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku,
             Tokyo 105-7208
             Access (see map/route below)
Osaka         Sales Dept. Maruito Namba Bldg., 1-2-3 Minatomachi, Naniwa-ku,
             Access (see map/route below)

Access to head office (Tokyo)
Underground route: Shimbashi Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line/JR Yamanote Line <Shiodome Exit>/Toei Asakusa Line)
Underpass toward Shiodome Shiosite → toward Hamamatsu-cho →toward Shiodome Exit No.7 →Entrance to Shiodome Media Tower

Aboveground route: JR Shimbashi Station (Karasumori Exit)
Proceed toward Shimbashi Station of Yurikamome Line, walk past Yurikamome East Exit and turn to right (between NTV Tower and Shiodome Tower) →Pedestrian Deck →Entrance to 3rd Floor, Shiodome Media Tower

Via Shiodome Station, Toei Oedo Line:
Proceed toward Shiodome Station of Yurikamome Line →Entrance to Shiodome Media Tower

Via Shiodome Sation, Yurikamome Line:
Ticket gate →East Exit →Entrance to Shiodome Media Tower

How to reach Shimbashi Station:
・Ride JR Yamanote Line from either Tokyo Station or Shinagawa Station (about 4 minutes’ ride from Tokyo and about 7 minutes’ ride from Shinagawa)
 →Haneda Airport →Tokyo Monorail →Hamamatsu-cho Station →JR Yamanote Line →Shimbashi Station

Access to Osaka Sales Department
Maruito Namba Bldg., 1-2-3 Minatomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka 556-0017
<Means of transport>
・ JR: One minute’s walk from Namba Station
・ Yotsubashi Line: One minute’s walk from Namba Station


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